Expertise in glass, cement, industrial minerals and materials industry

CHOVET is a subsidiary of a large French civil contractor (DEMATHIEU BARD) with a direct presence in both Europe and North America. As such our midsize independent structure affords us a great deal of flexibility, supported as required by financial backing from the group.

Nowadays, CHOVET continues to expand, winning contracts around the world. CHOVET’s engineers carefully review each project, tailoring services to client requirements:

Technical services:

  • Feasibility studies for greenfield and brownfield plants
  • Basic and detailed design (FEED)
  • Technical audits and due diligence
  • Tailored solutions for plant improvement and refurbishment
  • Strategy for low-cost procurement


  • Full Engineering Procurement and Construction projects in the of medium-size plants.
  • Construction in collaboration with high-level manufacturers for batch plants, vertical mills, ball mills, lime kilns, bag-houses and handling equipment


  • Complete range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management services, from basic studies through to commissioning

How do our engineers work?

Our process engineers produce facility process diagrams, our automation engineers recommend automation principles and perform functional analyses, and our design engineers optimize installations based on a project’s economic and technical constraints.

CHOVET has carried out several feasibility studies and master plan studies for national and international clients. This usually entails identifying potential engineering solutions, economic estimates, and social and environmental status assessments, as well as conducting the initial review of possibilities and selecting the best options.


  • Our Strength, own resources, and financial independence
  • Skills and financial backing
  • Recognized in France and worldwide for 150 years
  • QSE and CSR policies
  • Commitment and a sense of responsibility
  • Quick to adapt; short turnaround on decision-making
  • Organizational strength: a high level of resources, team spirit
  • Our engineers draft proposals based on their experience worldwide: European Union, Latin America, North America, Africa, Middle East, Russia, etc.


Our key projects

Glass industry

  • Cement and industrial minerals

    We have been designing and building cement, lime, and various mineral treatment plants for over 30 years, often on a turnkey basis.

    Our clients benefit from our skill and expertise in areas such as:
    – Cement and coal milling/terminals
    – Process workshop upgrades (raw milling, cooler)
    – Process filter transformation
    - Loading and unloading of trains and trucks
    - Transport of minerals and powders by conveyors, bucket lifts, air slides or pneumatically,
    - Storage of powders such as: alumina, gypsum, lime, plaster, clinker, cement, petcoke and coal
    – Lime kiln and associated upstream and downstream treatment facilities
    – Production units for minerals: calcium carbonate, talc, kaolin
    – Crushing, screening, attrition, conveying and stockpiling for raw material preparation dry or wet phase
    – Mineral and end-product treatment facilities
    – Specific safety devices and facilities

    CHOVET’s know-how guarantees a high level of project management and control (budget, schedule, quality and risk) as well as a client-oriented approach at every stage of the project.

  • Glass industry

    CHOVET has built a team of complementary and jointly responsible specialists with 30 years’ experience in designing and building glass production plants.

    Our engineers have successfully completed projects around the world in the fields of containers, tableware, flat glass, glass wool, rock wool, fiberglass, television tube glass, and ceramic glass, as well as insulation and reinforcement:
    – Batch plant
    – Furnace (with regenerators, recuperator, electrical)
    – Forming
    – Cold end
    – Civil and building works
    – Fluids and energies
    - CFD modelling of building ventilation
    – Environmental control

    We have significant experience of working within operating constraints and of the challenges associated with modifying installations that are part of operating units.

    CHOVET monitors all trades intervening in the various phases of construction, and our expertise in working on existing facilities enables us to complete even the most complex of projects.

  • Materials industry

    Having developed expertise across a variety of disciplines, we are renowned for our ability to work on innovative projects in the domain of high added value materials production.

    We have conducted studies and projects in a variety of materials, including
    - plasterboard,
    - glass wool,
    - rockwool,
    - fiberglass,
    - plastic film,
    - wood fiber insulation,
    - aluminum production and recycling, carbon and graphite.